Zaw Purveyor Feature

For some, it’s hard to say which element of a pizza is the most important, as in, the pizza simply could not exist without it. Every pizza has a crust and sauce, and most have cheese, but many would argue that the meat is deeply important to every ‘zaw. We agree, although we still recognize the deliciousness of a meat-less pizza like our Roasted Veg Head and Shroom Fest (they’re pretty popular with vegetarians and meat-lovers, alike).


With such an important weight placed on meat toppings, we had to find the best of the best for our pizzas, and the search ended with Zoe’s Meats. They specialize in the art of meat, “creating and delivering the finest charcuterie.”


Even better, Zoe’s Meats shares our understanding of the importance of meat pizza toppings, especially the all-time favorite, pepperoni: “By far the most popular item that everyone puts on a pizza is pepperoni. To this end, we feel that we have made the best pepperoni in the business. Lean, mild, with a hint of smoke and overall great pork flavor. Far be it though that we limit the items that chefs or you will put on your pizza.”


That’s cool, because in addition to using Zoe’s all-natural nitrate-free pepperoni, our ‘zaw specialty Tailgate Feast includes their thick-cut bacon. Our seasonal pizzas sometimes get a hearty, flavorful kick-in-the-pants as well, when we use the chorizo salumi crafted by Zoe’s Meats.
Like many of the farms and purveyors that craft or grow ingredients for ‘zaw pizza toppings, the people behind Zoe’s Meats are committed to environmental sustainability, ingredients of the highest quality, innovative and creative artisanal manufacturers, and great tasting products. We love teaming up with people and businesses who share our values!