Shepherd’s Grain

Zaw Purveyor Feature

Before we get into highlighting the fantastic local purveyors that bring us our tasty sauces, toppings and cheeses, we have another mill to showcase. If you’re not in need of a specialty gluten-free or whole wheat crust, the Zaw pizza you’ll be digging into will have a crust made from Shepherd’s Grain flour. This is the core flour we use for our traditional crust.  

Just like how Zaw is dedicated to bringing you seasonal, organic, unique and local pizzas, Shepherd’s Grain also has an important commitment. Theirs is to sustainable agriculture through environmental health, social justice, and economic profitability for everyone involved. The wonderful benefit of direct seeding and sustainable agricultural practices leads to a pretty delicious product that Zaw customers and bakers in other companies love to work with.

“Artisan bakeries are very impressed with Shepherd’s Grain wheat. Recently I was told that our flour has the most integrity that he has seen in his 30 years of baking”, said Karl Kupers, co-owner of Shepherd’s Grain.

All of the grains in Shepherd’s Grain flour come from 60 different farms in Southern Alberta, the Pacific Northwest, and Southern California. “We grow wheat. Wheat that represents locally grown, family farmers. By purchasing Shepherd’s Grain flour products not only do you become a food activist, you also become a disciple to save the family farm,” says co-owner Fred Fleming.

Something that we find very cool with Shepherd’s Grain flour is that we can get the numerical code from the flour bag to look up the specific grain farms whose grains went into that particular bag of flour. This kind of transparency is really awesome, because it allows us to share with you the high quality and local benefit of every single ingredient of your pizza.

The commitment to sustainability and the resulting quality of product is something that makes Shepherd’s Grain a very special company for Zaw to partner with. It’s something neat to consider as you enjoy your Zaw.