Zaw Purveyor Feature

We don’t just go with the large organic farms in the Pacific Northwest when selecting the purveyors for our pizzas’ ingredients; the little guys can pack a powerful punch in the way of flavor and quality. Pipitone Farms is one of those smaller vendors, with just five acres for their orchard in Rock Island, Washington, beside the Columbia River.

Since 1978, Andrea and Jerry Pipitone, the folks behind the delicious produce at Pipitone Farm, have been dedicated to strictly organic practices with growing food. From their initial certification under Tilth Producers, to their farm’s current certification with the Washington State Department of Agriculture, the Pipitone’s customers have been able to trust these organic products for many years.

“We touch nothing that’s not organic,” as Jerry says. Click here to check out a video with Jerry, in which he talks about their tomatoes and more.

Pipitone Farm is lucky to be situated where they are; the apricots, nectarines, peaches, Italian prunes, tomatoes, peppers, shallots and garlic they grow benefit from abundant sunshine and fresh water from the Columbia. That means that anyone enjoying the fresh product from this farm will, too!

‘Zaw sources organic, dried apricot ‘yums’ (low sugar jam) as well as pepper flakes from Pipitone Farm. Pipitone Farms produces approximately 20-30 tons per year of organic dried fruit (including apricots), and they also make jams for other farmers.

Scatter some spicy pepper flakes from Pipitone Farm on any one of your favorite ‘zaw recipes, or look for their sweet and juicy dried apricot yum on our Cowardly Apricot pizza. This delicious sweet-and-savory ‘zaw is covered with roasted free range chicken breast, those yummy Pipitone Farm apricot yum, fresh basil, maple syrup-caramelized onion and a mixture of gorgonzola and mozzarella.