Ostrom’s Mushrooms

Zaw Purveyor Feature

When we’re looking beyond the basic pizza combinations like pepperoni, mushrooms are a critical topping to have on hand! And like all of the purveyors for the ingredients and toppings on our ‘zaw, we chose our mushroom vendor with care. Ostrom’s is our vendor for fresh portobello, crimini, and button mushrooms – and we’re so glad to be able to brag about that.

First of all, they’re perfectly poised to harvest the very best local mushrooms available, being located at Mushroom Corner in Olympia: “We have been Washington’s choice for quality fresh mushrooms. Today the people of the Pacific Northwest eat over thirteen million pounds of Ostrom’s mushrooms every year.” That’s pretty impressive, as well as being indicative of the quality of their ‘shrooms!

Ostrom’s also has a serious dedication to quality. They handpick their mushrooms each day, refrigerate them right away and get those flavorful fungi on the road to places like Zaw within hours of harvesting to be absolutely sure about freshness.

Like many of the farms and purveyors we source our pizza ingredients from, Ostrom’s is also committed to sustainable farming and environmental sensitivity – things that those of us at ‘zaw really value in our partners. “From compost to shipping the finished product, Ostrom’s utilizes procedures to comply with established Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP’s).”

If you’re feeling the need for some delicious Ostrom’s mushrooms the next time you’re ordering a fresh bake-at-home ‘zaw, take a look at the pizzas that feature these fantastic fungi! The Hunter Gatherer is all about those crimini and button mushrooms – braised to perfection before they’re tossed on top – and not surprisingly, the Roasted Veg Head also features these tasty little mushrooms. However, the real treat for mushroom lovers is the Shroom Fest, with sautéed portabella, button, and crimini mushrooms alongside flavorful roasted red onion, fresh thyme, and a yummy blend of mozzarella and asiago cheeses on our house ruby red sauce.

Dig in and enjoy!