Zaw Purveyor

It may come as a surprise, but a little something sweet is a necessary ingredient for the perfect pizza crust. We have featured the amazing purveyors for the various flours and olive oil used in Zaw pizza crusts, and we wouldn’t dream of skipping the sweet stuff!

While some pizza makers use plain old granulated white sugar for their dough, Zaw only uses honey. Specifically, the honey from GloryBee Foods – a family-owned provider of honey, honey products, and related items for beekeeping, bath & body, cooking & baking, and more. They started farming honey in their backyard, processing it in the garage, and selling it from their Eugene, Oregon home more than 40 years ago. Today, GloryBee supplies families and companies like Zaw with honey and other high quality natural ingredients to promote healthy living.

Honey is far healthier for you than sugar! It has significantly less glucose and fructose, and since it’s made of a type of starchy fiber known and dextrin and a variety (about 20 of them) of more complex sugars, honey makes your body spend more energy to break it down. In short, this means that you end up gaining far fewer calories from honey than from sugar. Honey also contains trace elements and nutrients from the region where it’s sourced (these get picked up as the bees go from plant to plant), so your honey could contain vitamins and healthy minerals such as zinc. What’s more, there’s no need for nasty additives or preservatives with honey, since it doesn’t break down in nature.

The folks at GloryBee appreciate this. “As more people choose to live a healthier, more natural life, we strive to be your partner of ingredients for healthy living. We pledge to never compromise the quality of our ingredients,” they say.

GloryBee honey is kneaded into each and every Zaw pizza, enhancing the flavor and offering that perfect amount of sweetness to the crust.