Full Circle Farms

Zaw Purveyor Feature

As part of our commitment to source pizza ingredients and toppings that fit within our goal of delivering ‘zaw that is seasonal, organic, unique and local as possible, there can be a lot of legwork to find the right purveyors.

Luckily, we didn’t have to go far to find a solid provider of fresh and organic herbs and produce for times when seasonal or local ingredients aren’t as readily available. During the coldest parts of the winter, and other times throughout the year when some ingredients are harder to find in our immediate locality, Full Circle Farms hooks us up with the organic produce and herbs we need for your favorite ‘zaw!

Full Circle operates out of Carnation, but their repertoire of organic herbs and produce comes from the best farms elsewhere in Washington, as well as Oregon, California and more far-flung spots in Idaho and Alaska. They hand-select artisan produce and deliver it to consumers like you on a weekly basis, but they also help places like ‘zaw to maintain a reliable stockpile of fresh, organic and quality ingredients.

“We source the best, local, organic produce and exclusive artisan groceries… We’ve been passionate about growing and sourcing delicious produce free of herbicides and pesticides and promoting sustainable farming that preserves our soil and environment,” since 1996, when the company started with just one organic farm near North Bend, WA.

Full Circle Farms, like all of the carefully selected purveyors of ‘zaw pizza ingredients and toppings, is dedicated to the standards of quality and freshness that you can expect from us. And like ‘zaw, their connections are important to them: “We work with some of the best organic and family farms and producers on the West Coast—folks we know and trust—to bring you wholesome, healthy, real food. We connect you to your food, support local growers and food systems, and make it easy for you to save time and live the Good Food Life.”

Thanks, Full Circle, for being a part of the ‘zaw purveyor family!