Zaw Purveyor Feature

When you dig into your favorite Zaw, you should expect quality, deliciousness and nourishment with every bite! In order to make sure this happens, we take extra care when selecting the food purveyors from whom we source our pizza toppings and ingredients. And, in taking extra care, we found the carefully grown and cultivated vegetables at Earthbound Farm.

Like many of the other wonderful purveyors of produce that we use here at Zaw, Earthbound Farm shares a commitment to organic, safe, and sustainable production of quality foods.

Since 1984, Earthbound Farm has been growing organic produce – even though ‘organic’ was far from cool back then. They say that they changed the produce game with a packaged salad revolution, and we agree! It all started with a fundamental belief in harmonious living with the land while delivering delicious and organic foods.

“Each day at Earthbound Farm, we operate with the belief that we can help shape the future of food for the better. With that in mind, we always strive to improve how we grow, label and package our food; tread more lightly on this earth; and better nourish our communities.”

From organic salads, fresh vegetables and fruit, to organic frozen or dried produce, it’s Earthbound Farm for the win!

Alongside quality produce from other organic farms around the Pacific Northwest, it’s purveyors like Earthbound Farms that help Zaw maintain our commitment to seasonal, organic, unique and local products from farm to your fingertips.

You’ll find quality and organic produce from Earthbound Farms on many a Zaw throughout the year. Enjoy!