Draper Valley Farms

Zaw Purveyor Feature

With the rich bounty of Pacific Northwest farms, there are lots of excellent choices for top-standard purveyors of organic produce and pizza ingredients. But it still takes some digging to find the best ones for consistent freshness, taste, locality and commitment to quality and sustainability.

Zaw uses Draper Valley Farms as our purveyor for organic and free range chicken whenever chicken is called for on our pizzas.

Since 1935, Draper Valley Farms has provided fresh, local and carefully raised chicken to the Northwest. Unlike major producers of chicken, Draper Valley has focused on consumer consciousness by eliminating the use of antibiotics (a common practice in U.S. chicken production), removing animal by-products for protein sources, and more.

“Today, we follow a simple guiding principle: ‘the way nature intended.’ All of our chickens are raised in a reduced stress environment, fed an all-vegetarian diet with no animal fats or animal proteins, and never, ever receive any antibiotics.”

Now, that’s chicken that we can get behind!

While chicken itself isn’t a super common topping with our specialty Zaw recipes that are available year-round, we couldn’t do without it for pizzas like our Buffalo Blitz. This Legion of BOOM-worthy Zaw is crafted with free range chicken from Draper Valley Farms, which is tossed in our house-made buffalo wing sauce before we spoon it onto a pizza with celery and mozzarella cheese on a wing sauce base. Oh, and there’s blue cheese dressing for dipping or after-bake drizzling. Look for the Buffalo Blitz during football season for game day goodness!