Zaw Purveyor Feature

As we continue to showcase the fantastic local purveyors that bring us the quality ingredients for our bake-at-home pizzas, we couldn’t skip the olive oil. Where would our pizzas be without a crust painted with olive oil? This stuff ensures that the crust comes out of the oven a toasty golden brown – working with the heat of your oven to transform the crust into a crispy and hot foundation for your pizza toppings.

We source our olive oil from Corto Olive Oil – a fantastic family-run company that began on the hillside farms of Lucca, Italy, and made its way to Corto’s current home in California. Despite the move from the Old World to the new, this olive oil is made using many Old Country food traditions for the most authentic, fresh taste. While the quality of many imported olive oil has declined, Corto Olive Oil is top-notch.

“Because we are also a family of cooks, fresh tasting olive oil has remained an important source of traditional flavor in our cooking,” they say. Corto uses plants and harvests their olives in vineyard-style rows of trellises, a new method that “produces especially consistent, fresh-tasting extra virgin olive oil (like imported olive oil used to taste).”

We use Corto’s 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil in any recipe that calls for oil to maintain the quality and authentic flavors in your zaw. For our dough, we use Corto’s lighter oil mixture (51/49 Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Canola blend) to reduce the intensity but maintain the flavor quality. This blend is perfect for kneading into the dough that will become your zaw pizza crust.

The next time you grab a slice of fresh-from-the-oven Zaw pizza, you can trust that you’re biting into a pizza with the optimal flavor and texture, thanks to Corto Olive Oil.