Columbus Craft Meats

Zaw Purveyor Feature

“We believe meat should be crafted not contrived, infused with passion not parts, and made to enjoy not endure. Simply put, we believe you deserve meat that tastes like meat — turkey that, surprisingly, tastes like turkey; ham that tastes like ham.”

When we read that statement from Columbus Craft Meats, we felt a resounding response of “Yes!” We feel the same way when it comes to our Zaw, and it’s one of the reasons why we chose Columbus as a purveyor for one of our most popular pizza toppings. We source our prosciutto, which is always freshly-sliced in-house, from Columbus.

The company has a rock-solid dedication to taste, which we deeply value, because who wants a pizza with toppings that don’t taste like they should? “All our meat, spices and other delicious ingredients are carefully sourced to enhance the flavor of the high-quality meat we start with — whole muscle pork and beef and 100% whole chicken and turkey breasts.”

Their prosciutto is crafted from fresh ham, which is rubbed with a bit of salt before dry-curing. Once the slow process (at least 90 days) of perfectly dry-aging the prosciutto is complete, Columbus hand-trims the meat so that it’s leaner and better to pair with other foods, such as a Zaw topped with pear or tomatoes (hint, hint). It’s leaner and more naturally flavorful than you’ll find elsewhere, which is part of why we chose them.

Zaw is very selective about the vendors we source our pizza ingredients from, so it’s nice when purveyors like Columbus make our decision easy with such a clear commitment to quality. You’ll find freshly sliced Columbus prosciutto on many of our Zaws, including the Arugula Patch, Chicago Deli and Pig ‘N Pear.

Dig in!