Christopher Ranch

Zaw Purveyor Feature

As the folks at Christopher Ranch like to say, “All garlic is NOT created equal.” We couldn’t agree more. Like the team at ‘zaw, the garlic gurus at Christopher Ranch have a dedication to quality with their products.

Christopher Ranch was started in 1956, when Don Christopher left the ranch and orchards that his grandfather Ole started in the early 1890s in order to found his own ranch. He and his brother, Art, started with both French and Italian varieties of garlic until they found the most flavorful, a garlic called Monviso that originates from the Piedmont area of Italy.

The garlic flourished in the rich, fertile ground of Gilroy in California’s Santa Clara Valley. Today, that Monviso garlic has benefited from over 50 years of nurturing and preservation to retain its wonderful flavor. Now, Christopher Ranch is still family-run under the leadership of Bill, Don’s grandson and Ole’s great grandson. “Bill stewards with the same steadiness of purpose and dedication to quality that has been the hallmark of the family business for over 60 years.”

As one of ‘zaw’s list of purveyors, it may go without saying that these folks are dedicated to producing some really great garlic. It’s what we chose them for. In addition, however, they meet and exceed the important standards we have in place for the farms and purveyors who bring us the ingredients and toppings for our ‘zaw. Sustainability is a key concept at Christopher Ranch, with programs for efficiency with land management (drip irrigation to reduce water and fertilizer waste), recyclable packaging as much as possible, and energy saving and sanitation efforts.

“We are committed to giving you the best – and safest – products possible by following strict guidelines to ensure “quality from the ground up”. We keep food safety in mind so you don’t have to!”

Since garlic goes so well with vegetables, you’ll find this savory garlic as one of the toppings on the Roasted Veg Head and the Shroom Fest – both delectable veggie-based ‘zaws!