Charlie’s Produce

Zaw Purveyor Feature

Quality and freshness are where it’s at with the veggies we pile on top of our signature Zaw! In a perfectly convenient world, we’d be able to get our vegetables from one amazing farm all year long. But since the Pacific Northwest weather can be fickle and sometimes a crop just doesn’t grow to-standard, we source our veggies from a handful of different farms.

That’s also a good thing, because it ensures the consistent quality and delicious taste you’ve come to expect from every Zaw you take home and bake.

One of those oh-so-awesome farms from which we source fresh veggie toppings is Charlie’s Produce. These guys bring fresh local produce to a lot of the stores and restaurants in the Seattle area, and there’s a very good reason for that. Their commitment to quality, prompt service and long term partnerships with their customers has set them apart.

Charlie’s Produce is “passionate about produce, proud of our people, partnering for your success,” according to their mission statement, which is achieved with values such as integrity, service, and quality. “Through attentive customer service and vigorous operational engagement we create opportunities for our customers to realize their goals.”

The company is also dedicated to sustainability, community involvement, and of course, food safety. All products are sourced from farms that are certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free (if applicable).  Charlie’s Produce suppliers also agree to guarantee food safety, and independent auditors review these suppliers to ensure compliance and provide corrective actions where needed.

The fresh vegetables and other produce that we get from Charlie’s Produce is top-notch and definitely worthy of the wonderful Zaw we craft for you to bake at home. Enjoy!