CasCIOPPO Sausage

Zaw Purveyor Feature

When the Gregs were scoping out purveyors for the important ingredients that would go into (and onto) Zaw’s truly terrific pizzas, they selected their partnerships with more than just quality in mind. Quality was a key part of that decision-making process, of course, but each purveyor’s story and process were a big deal, too. Just as a pizza is never just a pizza, a farm is never just a farm and all of the purveyors from whom we acquire our ingredients have a lot of story behind their goods!

One of these is CasCIOPPO Sausage. The owner, Sam V. Cascioppo, originally made himself legendary as the owner of several quality butcher shops around Seattle. Hard times come to us all, but not all of us are prepared to fight it out during tough times. Sam was one of those determined folk, and despite the economic slump of the early 1970’s, he opened a small butcher shop in the back of the Ballard Locks Super grocery store. From pork and chicken sausage, to beef, poultry and smoked meats, CasCIOPPO Sausage offers the best of the best. We at Zaw are pretty sure it’s the lasting adherence to top standards, plus CasCIOPPO’s use of only the freshest ingredients (herbs and spices, included).

Perhaps it was his experience with meat, or perhaps it was his renewed focus, but the wonderful products Sam and his staff crafted from the original CasCIOPPO Sausage shop have become famous in their own right. These authentic Italian sausages and meat products are now available in many local meat markets, as well as appearing on a couple of your favorite Zaw pizzas.

They are the only year-round sausage supplier we use, since the sausage from other vendors varies in quality and we wanted to rely on top-notch chicken sausage and Italian sausage. Enjoy CasCIOPPO Sausage on the popular Hunter Gatherer ‘zaw, as well as the Sausage & Caramelized Onion and seasonal ‘zaws.