California Olive Ranch

Zaw Purveyor Feature

The quality of the ingredients we put in and on our pizzas is of utmost important to the team at ‘zaw. For this reason, we take extra special care in who we decide to source our ingredients from. Whether it’s the flour in our pizza dough, or the flavorful pepperoni featured on many a ‘zaw, it’s quite the process to find the purveyor that fits the standards we have in place.

That being said, we have a long list of purveyors who have made the cut, going above and beyond when it comes to freshness, quality, and important issues like sustainable farming and environmental responsibility. Purveyors like California Olive Ranch deserve a shout out!

California Olive Ranch grows and crafts premium-quality olive oil, and has been doing so since their founding in 1998. The company has found new ways to cultivate and harvest olives for the most quality and affordable olive oil product, and it shows.

“Fresh, great tasting extra virgin olive oil inspires everything we do at California Olive Ranch. So we’ve made it our mission to make the highest quality extra virgin olive oil accessible to as many people as possible. We’ll do it by continuing to live out our values, day after day.”

Those values are to disrupt the status quo and develop better olive oil across the industry, display passion in what they do and how they do it, provide quality products, and farm with sustainability of the Earth’s resources. Additionally, all of the olive oils from California Olive Ranch are certified by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC).

California Olive Ranch’s luscious olive oil makes its appearance on the crust of the Pig ‘N Pear, mixed with honey dijon to bring out the light and yummy flavors of the ‘zaw’s prosciutto, pears, gorgonzola and mozzarella toppings. Additionally, while all of our pizzas are topped with a base of our housemade ruby red tomato sauce, we offer the option to swap that out for a base of extra virgin olive oil instead. And you guessed it — that’s from California Olive Ranch!