Zaw Purveyor Feature

Using ingredients that are locally sourced is really important to us, and we use Pacific Northwest and even Seattle-area farmers and purveyors as much as possible. Since these local vendors are so important to the farm-to-fingertips deliciousness that is Zaw pizza, we feel the need to give them a little shout-out! We’re starting with the foundational ingredient to any pizza: the crust.

We use Bob’s Red Mill flour exclusively for our whole wheat, gluten-free and paleo pizza crusts. Bob’s has become a top name in health foods across the U.S. from their traditional stone mill in Milwaukie, Oregon. From their start in the mid-1960s, Bob and Bob’s Red Mill have been devoted to providing healthy and nutritious food to their customers. The flour and other milled products are ground slowly with Old World style stone mills, ensuring a quality that you just can’t get with modern technology.

“Unlike high-speed steel rollers, our quartz millstones ensure the most nutritious parts of the whole grain remain, so we can pack wholesome goodness right into your bag. Because the millstones grind at a slow speed and cool temperature, the inherent nutrients and flavor of our grains are preserved, a production ‘secret’ that allows us to seal in the freshness and bring you wholesome, quality foods, just as nature intended.”

Whole grains are nutrient-rich and good for you, and some of our health-conscious customers prefer their Zaw to be made with a whole wheat crust. Bob’s Red Mill whole wheat flour makes it possible for us to meet this desire! It’s 100 percent stone-ground from hard red wheat that’s grown right here in the U.S. Since the good stuff (nutritious bran and germ) remains intact during the milling process, your whole wheat pizza crust is a great source of protein and fiber.

The dietary focus on gluten-free foods isn’t just a phase, it’s here to stay. Lots of people suffer from gluten sensitivity or all-out allergy, and we wouldn’t want to exclude them from enjoying Zaw pizza! Bob’s Red Mill has several gluten-free flour options. For our gluten-free pizza crust, we use their brown rice, flaxseed, and tapioca flours. Whether you’re staying away from gluten because it makes you feel better or because you have a dietary restriction, you can still savor our pizzas.

Bob’s Red Mill makes a fantastic almond flour so that we can offer Zaw-lovers a grain-free option. It’s a blend of root starches and nut flours, so that it tastes good in addition to serving as a perfect paleo pizza crust. Without grains, gluten, dairy, or beans, Bob’s Red Mill paleo flour is a fiber-rich crust for your Zaw pizza.

So, the next time you bite into a slice of hot bake-at-home Zaw pizza, remember that you’re enjoying the nutrient-rich ingredients from purveyors like Bob’s Red Mill.