Billy’s Organic Gardens

Zaw Purveyor Feature

Our pizzas would be nothing without the quality ingredients and toppings that make them so tasty and nutritious! That’s why we search high and low for the very best ingredients from purveyors that share our values of quality organic products, sustainable farming, and environmental care.

Veggies are one of the most important toppings for a good ‘zaw, so we took extra care in choosing the farms that grow these colorful, nutrient-packed goodies! Billy’s Organic Gardens, located in Tonasket, Washington, is one of our suppliers for organic peppers, tomatoes, and herbs.

Billy’s Organic Gardens was founded by a pretty cool guy named Billy Allstot, who started growing veggies in 1972 after buying his first fruit farm. They are dedicated to quality, and happily partner with restaurants and businesses like ‘zaw to bring their organically grown produce and herbs to consumers throughout the Pacific Northwest. According to their website, “Our varieties are proven winners because of our fertile, time-tested soil’s certified organic mixture.”

Billy’s organic tomatoes and fresh herbs are used in our Ruby Red Tomato Sauce, which is made in house to ensure freshness, quality and consistency of taste. You’ll also sometimes find Billy’s organic cherry tomatoes on our Arugula Patch and Marg & Rita ‘zaws, and those tasty bell peppers on the Roasted Veg Head.

In an effort to source only the freshest, local organic produce, we also get produce from additional farms when the season and/or availability dictate. So, Billy’s is one of a couple of farms from whom we source vegetables: Alvarez Organic Farms, Charlie’s Organic Produce, and Full Circle Farms are the others.