Our Suppliers

Featured Farms & Suppliers For Zaw

We wouldn’t be able to get that SOUL into our ‘zaw without quality ingredients and toppings.

Our network of purveyors has been carefully selected specifically for their dedication to important values that ‘zaw also shares. When we choose to source an ingredient from a farm or supplier, it’s for all of the best reasons. These purveyors are not just chosen for good-tasting products, but because the products have some SOUL. Nearly all of the farms we work with are certified organic, and many have a special dedication to sustainable farming practices.

Because of the awesomeness we experience with our purveyors, we are very proud of our farms and suppliers – and don’t mind telling you that we are, and who they are. We care about where our food comes from – and we are always open to hear suggestions from our customers, farms, employees, and our families, about ideas to make us even better.

Zaw has SOUL. In fact, we use SOUL – Seasonal, Organic, Unique, Local – as a guide to help us in our decisions of where and who to get our ingredients from.