What does S.O.U.L. Mean to Zaw?

Seasonal – Seasonality can be seen throughout the company: our incredible seasonal pizzas, made with only the best ingredients from local farms, as well as seasonally rotating salads, desserts and beverages.

Organic – We try to be organic in many ways, while taking into account many other factors. Our ruby red sauce is made from organic tomatoes. All of our produce is organic. When choosing our ingredients, we find many items that support organic farming and have as minimal a carbon footprint as possible. In some cases, this means choosing local suppliers and farms who are committed to sustainable and organic practices, but who may not meet or seek the USDA standards for organic certification. We try to look at the big picture with our business, which is much more complex (and frankly we think better) than simply trying to put an ‘all organic’ stamp on our product.

Unique – As often as possible, we try to provide unique and dynamic flavor profiles. You will see unique come through in our own recipes and how we make our own dressings and sauces. Unique can also be seen in some of our sweet-yet—savory combinations, such as the playful Pig ‘n Pear. We take advantage of the season, as well: our traditional October Pizza is always the Pumpkin Patch, which features pumpkins sourced from the Tonnemaker Farms in Royal City, Washington.

Local – We are very proud that our focus is on local ingredients. The Pacific Northwest is a rich bounty of amazing farms, creameries, butchers and the like. Because of this, we celebrate the region on each and every one of our pizzas. Local is paramount. Anything that can’t be found in our region at any given time of year, we look to find a purveyor that is as close as possible. A great example is our extra virgin olive oil from California, instead of the Mediterranean. (Just a few thousand miles difference! – and you know what? growing some of the best olives in the world, it tastes better too!)

We are always considering ways to get better, so don’t be shy, drop us a note with any questions or suggestions that you may have. Think of a better product? Know of something closer? Let us know, we would love to hear about it.

House-Prepared in our own Kitchen

We relish in ‘In-House’ preparing as much as we can (even when we don’t need to prepare any relish). By preparing our own sauces and dressings and other items, we can utilize ingredients that fit our SOUL guidelines and keep us incredibly FRESH – and cut down on an amazing amount of shipping and packaging as well.