Meat lovers from all around, listen up! Watch the game with a hearty Zaw that has all of the best when it comes to meaty toppings and complimentary veggie accents on the Tailgate Feast. And this Zaw really is a feast, with all-natural thick-cut bacon and nitrite-free pepperoni, and rich red onions caramelized in maple syrup. Our favorite cheesy blend of parmesan and mozzarella sets the stage for a magnificent meaty feast on game day (or any other day!).

Recommended Pairings

A well-balanced red wine is perfect for the Tailgate Feast Zaw, and the Pinot Noir from Twelve wine is just what we were looking for. This wine has just the right amount of tannins and acidity, with a crisp, sharply focused and slightly spicy flavor. Notes of cherry, fresh leather and white pepper linger on the tongue to compliment the hearty meatiness of the pizza. Beer, instead? The Black Raven Trickster has the big hop taste and smooth maltiness to balance with the Tailgate Feast, and its notes of citrus, pine and tropical fruit highlight the spiciness of the meat and subtle sweetness of the onions.

Wine: Twelve Pinot Noir 

Beer: Black Raven Trickster

The Tailgate Feast is great for Game Day