The Pig ‘N Pear pizza is that perfect combination of sweet and savory! Juicy pear combined with buttery prosciutto is a classic combo on it’s own, but we pair our and our Zaw with some extra flavor-kickers like gorgonzola and honey dijon to enhance every bite. On the Pig ‘N Pear, we’ve got freshly sliced prosciutto, thin slices of pears,  crumbled gorgonzola and shredded mozzarella and then it’s topped with fresh oregano. The crust is lightly painted with honey dijon vinaigrette.

Recommended Pairings

The light, yet rich flavors of the toppings on this Zaw required a special wine compliment. The Christopher Michael Pinot Gris is just right, with notes of lemon, apple and pear on the palate. For a good beer pairing, we suggest the Goodlife Sweet as Pacific Pale Ale with its refreshing and dry crispness and classic citrus flavors.

Wine: Christopher Michael Pinot Gris

Beer: Goodlife Sweet as Pacific Pale Ale

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