Classic toppings, delicious results – our house pepperoni pizza is a sure favorite for the whole family, from picky 3-year-olds to parents looking for a good and simple Zaw. The Perfect Pepperoni hits the spot with all-natural nitrite-free pepperoni on a bed of mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, with our housemade ruby red sauce on the one of our delicious fresh-made crusts. The classic goodness of this Zaw makes it an excellent add-on to a pizza with more adventurous toppings, or as a crowd-pleasing meal for feeding the baseball team after a long game.

Recommended Pairings

Pepperoni pizza is fantastic with a cold beer, and the notes of citrus, pine and tropical fruit in Denali Brewing’s Twister Creek IPA is the perfect pairing. We’re also very partial to the Airfield Estates Bombshell Red Blend wine with this Zaw. The blend of syrah, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, malbec and petit verdot brings an approachable, delicious dark fruit and toasted oak flavor with plum and blackberry aromas.

Wine: Airfield Estates Bomshell Red Blend

Beer: Denali Brewing’s Twister Creek IPA

The Perfect Pepperoni is great for Game Night