Formaggio the Fourth

You might think that cheese pizza is boring and bland, but our four cheese Zaw is anything but. We top the housemade, hand-tossed crust with ruby red sauce and then cover it with a mixture of our favorite cheeses for a gooey, rich grown-up cheese pizza. There’s the aromatic melt-in-your mouth crumbled feta, classic mozzarella, and the ever-so-flavorful favorite of parmesan and asiago. For that extra kick of herbal flavor, the final flourish is a sprinkling of fresh oregano.

Recommended Pairings

Enjoy your Formaggio the Fourth with a glass of Lone Birch Riesling – its flavors of white peach and citrus fruit are the perfect complement. Or, if a cold one is what’s called for, Goodlife Sweet As Pacific Pale Ale is the right fit, with its clean and crisp taste hinted with citrus and pine.

Wine: Lone Birch Riesling 

Beer: Sweet As Pacific Pale Ale

The Formaggio the Fourth is great for Family Game Night