Our style of pizza crafting isn’t a reflection of Chicago’s, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take inspiration from their approach. It’s not deep-dish, but our Chicago Deli has all of the makings of items that you’d find on a cold sandwich from a Windy City deli, except all the better since it’s on a hot Zaw. There’s all-natural thick-cut bacon, rich prosciutto that’s fresh-sliced in-house, and spicy pepperoncini all layered with provolone, mozzarella and asiago on our ruby red  sauce.

Recommended Pairings

After biting into a hot slice of this Zaw, nothing beats a sip of the smooth, crisp and lightly malty Pale Ale from Goodlife. The flavors of the toppings on the Chicago Deli Zaw also work amazingly well with the crisp and light taste and notes of Asian pear and citrus fruit with Airfield Estates’ Fly Girl White.

Wine: Airfield Estates’ Fly Girl White

Beer: Sweet As Goodlife Pale Ale

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