About Us

Meet Greg & Greg

Once upon a time, there were two friends both called Greg. Friends who knew they shared the right dynamic to create something that could knock an industry on its ear. Influenced by the quaint charm of west coast island life, the Gregs came to believe certain inalienable truths: A tomato comes from a garden, not a plastic container. Herbs come by the leaf, not in a shaker. And they knew – with that unshakeable knowing reserved for those few things in life you would bet your bottom dollar on – that a pizza is never just a pizza.

They knew that in pizza as in life, the right combination of a little bit of this and a little bit of that can create a whole lot of goodness. They knew that the scent of a lovingly prepared, handcrafted pizza baking in the oven – or even roasting on the barbecue – is synonymous with the scent of everything’s-gonna-be-alright. And the scent of let’s-gather-round-together. They knew: To enjoy a slice of pizza, is to enjoy a slice a life.

No, to the Gregs, a pizza was never just a pizza. And the Gregs’ version of pizza never – never – came in a grease-bottomed box that lifelessly implied “You’ll regret this in the morning.”

So in a way that came to them organically, the Gregs made the commitment to introduce their own kind of take & bake pizza.

And we all ate happily ever after.